Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Life Drawing: Top 10 from 4th Semester

Here's something I meant to post a while ago, my top 10 drawings from last semester.  This time we had to hand in our best 10 pages.  It could be just 10 drawings, but it seemed better to group drawings and make use of the entire page since we were not handing in the original drawings this time.

If you want to see my previous top 10 drawings you can check out semester 3 HERE, semester 2 HERE, and semester 1 HERE.

I'm happy with how these compare to previous semesters.  The freedom to pick from 10 pages was nice because I could throw a few crazier ones in there.  There are also better realistic drawings, but some of my favorite drawings happen when I play around with proportions and pose.

The Photoshop tweaks here are pretty minimal.  I wanted to keep the paper texture there, because a lot of the subtle stuff gets lost when I took the background to white.  Basically just cut and paste with some level tweaks so they would look alright on screen and when printed.

Thanks for looking!