Wednesday, 23 November 2011

031 - A flapper and other assorted scribbles

Some Design work.  This assignment was to do some research to make designs feel more authentic.  This 1920's flapper was the design I submitted.

Pretty happy with it.

The rest were rough sketches of some of the other possible options.  I sketched a few rough ideas without doing any research, thinking that I'd narrow it down to the one I liked the best, then just research one or two. 

Liked the shapes in this guy.

This one cracks me up, I'm not quite sure why.

This one wasn't even one of the time periods we could choose, I was just doodling.

This was a fun page.  In between all the drawing we were doing, we took a break yesterday to...draw?  I think Walrus Gladiator is my favorite, but Donkey Cowboy and Worm Banker are close.

This next batch are actual scribbles - you know, as in the scribble game?  One person scribbles on a page and then gives you the page to make into something..  Part of the same putting off drawing by doing more drawings session.  

Um...a unicorn?

Fat bird and a worm: take one.  I seem to draw a lot of scribble birds.

That's all the scribbles for now!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

030 - Life Drawing: Happy Halloween!

The Friday before Halloween a bunch of us wore costumes to class.  Then we took turns posing.  Lots of fun, and also gained a new appreciation for how hard life drawing models have to work to stay still.

We started with a round of three 1 minutes.  1 minute poses with costumes are a busy 60 seconds of drawing.

Next some 3 minutes.

Then some 5 minutes.

That was a super fun night of life drawing, even if my Batman costume was crazy warm.  As you can see, there were some awesome costumes.  There were also a couple great costumes that didn't make it up here because my drawings of those costumes were not so great :)

This next batch was from life drawing the actual day of Halloween.  The model had tried a few different costumes throughout the night.

Hmm...decent page of 1s.

I like the top one here, and don't mind the bottom right.

These two came out pretty well.  The "witch" costume was fun to stylize.  I like that these feel like little stories or scenes.  There was just the one model, but I spaced the drawings out to feel like more.

Lots of fabric to figure out/make up.  Costume life drawing is awesome.  Happy that I got a few alright faces in there.  Still have to keep practicing those.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Life Drawing doesn't quite have the same ring as Halloween Life Drawing, but hopefully we can figure something out to do this again before next Halloween.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

029 - Cowboy and Snowman

A few design assignments

This one was really fun.  We had to design a character that would fit in with an existing flat western style.  Getting the hands right was tricky.  Other than that, I'm pretty happy with it.  I didn't really worry about a name while I was designing him, but I like the sound of Buddy Gemstone.

This is a turn around based off a stuffed animal.  Stuffed animals are a lot of curves with not a lot of straights.  That made the design oddly difficult.

Here are three poses showing Mr. Blizz in action.  I like the poses better than the turn around.

028 - Dialogue Test

Rough Dialogue.  Breaking down dialogue track and syncing up mouth shapes.  With a tiny bit of acting.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

027 - Life Drawing: cubes and contours

Trying a page of cube shapes.

Tried drawing a character that I sculpted.  Not quite right, but fun to try.

Some hands and feet, to mix it up.  I don't think I was really feeling it this session.  Although on the plus side, it was less pictures to take.

We were practicing contour drawings.  These ended up quite odd.  A weird mix of paying close attention to the contours, but little to the structure and proportions.  Oh well.  These weren't quite blind contour, but I think they were done only checking the paper every once in a while, so there is my excuse for cutting his feet off in the top one .

Saturday, 12 November 2011

026 - Life Drawing: Some different styles

Like the way each of these feels like an action.

Playing around with the collage tool.

This is what happens when I read the How to Train Your Dragon art book before drawing.

Trying out different gesture styles.

It's annoying when multiple figures clash on a page, but satisfying when they form an overall composition that I don't hate.

Varying degrees of simplification.  I think this was three minutes total.

This was fun: kind of the opposite of negative space.  I shaded the silhouette and then added structure.

Didn't really budget my time right on this one, but it's interesting seeing the different levels of completion.

Almost feels like a turn around.

He he, I tried drawing the model as Bugs.

Not quite sure why, but I quite like this one.  One of those times where I needed a break from "normal" drawing and had fun playing around.  I like the shapes and line weight.

Same pose pushed even further into the crazy zone.  I like this one too.

Some Nupastel.

Playing with straights and curves.  Like the right leg up into the left shoulder.

I like the balance of this pose.

Going for a somewhat accurate drawing here.  Adjusted the left arm after measuring.

Quick gesture with blue (possibly with my left hand), then contour in black (definitely not my left hand).

Like the forces here.  Some real tension in the pose (hopefully).