Saturday, 12 November 2011

026 - Life Drawing: Some different styles

Like the way each of these feels like an action.

Playing around with the collage tool.

This is what happens when I read the How to Train Your Dragon art book before drawing.

Trying out different gesture styles.

It's annoying when multiple figures clash on a page, but satisfying when they form an overall composition that I don't hate.

Varying degrees of simplification.  I think this was three minutes total.

This was fun: kind of the opposite of negative space.  I shaded the silhouette and then added structure.

Didn't really budget my time right on this one, but it's interesting seeing the different levels of completion.

Almost feels like a turn around.

He he, I tried drawing the model as Bugs.

Not quite sure why, but I quite like this one.  One of those times where I needed a break from "normal" drawing and had fun playing around.  I like the shapes and line weight.

Same pose pushed even further into the crazy zone.  I like this one too.

Some Nupastel.

Playing with straights and curves.  Like the right leg up into the left shoulder.

I like the balance of this pose.

Going for a somewhat accurate drawing here.  Adjusted the left arm after measuring.

Quick gesture with blue (possibly with my left hand), then contour in black (definitely not my left hand).

Like the forces here.  Some real tension in the pose (hopefully).

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