Tuesday, 25 October 2011

022 - Yep, more life drawing

Here's some more life drawing.  I found the pad from the first class of the year, along with some from the second class and a couple extra life drawing sessions.

First page of the first class.

Was getting some nice 1 minute gestures that day.

Nice feel on these three 3 minutes.

This one was kind of funny.  I was drawing this fox character earlier in the day and tried drawing him based on the pose the model was in.  This fox has non-human proportions so it was fun trying to make the pose work.  The drawing was just so-so, but it was a fun experiment, so in that sense it was a success.

Getting a little better at figuring out knees...a little...

Tried emphasizing the muscles on this one.  Also realized I was photographing a nice big unnecessary bar of black in most of these pics.  I'll try not to keep doing that.

Like the feet here.  Heavy on one, light on the other.

Hehe...One of my early attempts at monstrofying the model.

Coming up with little stories for the poses.  The bottom right one is supposed to be a mountain climber.

Pretty solid drawing.  Even a little bit of shading.

This pose just felt like a voodoo jungle witch doctor...or something like that

Playing around some more.

Some fun drawings in there.  If anything stands out as consistently off, please let me know.  I was noticing some of the faces seemed kind of weird, like maybe the eyes weren't wrapping around the head enough, or they were sometimes too high, and other times too low.  Tough to spend too much time on the face with quick poses, but it's nice to get something down to practice for the longer poses.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

021 - Life Drawing Returns!

It's been a while since I've posted any life drawing.  I've been drawing lots, just haven't posted any - until now.  I've finally got the internet hooked up, and a camera and picture taking set-up that works.  GetItOn!

These are from two nights of extra life, meaning no teacher, just me getting back into drawing after a week or so off after the summer course ended.  Like the way the two poses feel different because of the lines.

Sometimes I like trying not to think too hard about how I should be drawing.  Instead I just sort of scribble.  Sometimes that works.

Like the exaggerated perspective, and the right hand

Like the slump.

Five friends from class hehe.  I like to mix up life drawing by trying different things out.  It helps keep me focused, but also helps when I return to more "normal" life drawing.

Not bad "normal" drawing.  I like the face, and the left foot.

Kind of stylized, not quite sure what happened with that right ankle.  The composition is different though.

It's cool when the model poses with a space mask and a nerf gun, although a nude space fighter probably wouldn't last too long on the battlefield.  Maybe he has some sort of shield generator in that helmet?

This batch is from the second session of the week.

Cool and unusual pose.

Like the lower half of this one.  Decent knees and twist.


Not sure about this one.  Like parts of it, but it feels a little flat.  I think the torso should have more twist.

Like this one.  Pushed the shapes and perspective a bit.

These were all from the second week of class, over a month ago.  More on the way.

Monday, 17 October 2011

020 - "Stich" getting up

Animation Assignment: "Stich" gets up from his back, gets hit on the head, falls over.
Came out alright.  It's tough to think of how Stich would do things because he has super short legs.  I like some of the timing though.  It's rough, but the focus was on movement and timing.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

019 - Guy wearing a toque

 Here's a character design I came up with for a hero.  I wanted to go for something that did not involve spandex or a giant weapon.  It did however seem to involve another mustache.

Rough sketch, complete with Photoshop erasing to obscure preliminary sketches into some sort of distant mountain.

Slightly cleaned up version.  I figure him as a mountain man in a very snowy climate.  So tough he does most things in bare feet, even skiing.  He drinks lots of maple syrup and wears cut-off jean shorts.  And he sports a toque with a pom pom.