Sunday, 23 October 2011

021 - Life Drawing Returns!

It's been a while since I've posted any life drawing.  I've been drawing lots, just haven't posted any - until now.  I've finally got the internet hooked up, and a camera and picture taking set-up that works.  GetItOn!

These are from two nights of extra life, meaning no teacher, just me getting back into drawing after a week or so off after the summer course ended.  Like the way the two poses feel different because of the lines.

Sometimes I like trying not to think too hard about how I should be drawing.  Instead I just sort of scribble.  Sometimes that works.

Like the exaggerated perspective, and the right hand

Like the slump.

Five friends from class hehe.  I like to mix up life drawing by trying different things out.  It helps keep me focused, but also helps when I return to more "normal" life drawing.

Not bad "normal" drawing.  I like the face, and the left foot.

Kind of stylized, not quite sure what happened with that right ankle.  The composition is different though.

It's cool when the model poses with a space mask and a nerf gun, although a nude space fighter probably wouldn't last too long on the battlefield.  Maybe he has some sort of shield generator in that helmet?

This batch is from the second session of the week.

Cool and unusual pose.

Like the lower half of this one.  Decent knees and twist.


Not sure about this one.  Like parts of it, but it feels a little flat.  I think the torso should have more twist.

Like this one.  Pushed the shapes and perspective a bit.

These were all from the second week of class, over a month ago.  More on the way.

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