Sunday, 21 July 2013

Edu and the Demon Shark Animatic

Here's an animatic that I put together near the end of school, complete with the ending that I finished shortly after school finished.  No sound on this one, but there is no dialogue so it's all good.  Just get some epic sounding background music going if you want some sound.  Enjoy!

Composition Thumbnail Practice Stuff

Yikes,  it's been a little while since I posted something.  I can totally understand how once people start working they sometimes post waaaay less.  The good news is that I'm working!  I'm currently working as a storyboard revisionist which has been great great great so far!

I was watching a movie this week and thought I'd sketch a few frames to practice composition and perspective and stuff.  They're pretty messy, but they were also pretty quick to do!

I'll be impressed if anyone can figure out the movie haha.

Don't worry, I promise I'll get some new stuff on here soon!