Sunday, 9 October 2011

018 - Tarzan pose

One of our assignments was selecting a character from a Disney feature, learning how to draw that character, then coming up with an original pose for the character.  I chose Tarzan.

I've heard that more realistic characters are harder to draw, but I figured it would be a neat mix of life drawing and design.  Plus it gave me an excuse to look over all the awesome Glen Keane Tarzan drawings.

Check out the first pic and if you have a sec, let me know what is going on in the scene...

Had a look?  It was supposed to be Tarzan reaching for a glove, but I kept hearing that it looked like really weird hanging arm or disembodied hand...Not what I was going for.  So although I liked the idea of the glove,  I didn't want the focus of the pose to be "what is that weird thing he's reaching for?"

So I changed it to an apple.  As for the pose itself, I'm happy with most of it.  I like that there is some twist in the legs, and the feet came out alright.  I think the left leg might be a touch long.  The face is a little off, but Tarzan's face was oddly hard to draw, and the left arm seems a bit awkward.  Like the energy in the pose though, and it does feel like he's reaching for that apple.  Pretty happy with it though.  I also tried doing some life drawings where I turned the model into Tarzan - slightly easier to do with a male model than a female model.

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