Saturday, 1 October 2011

014 - Life Drawing: warriors, detectives, and hippies

It's been a while since I've posted some life drawing.  I've been drawing a ton, I just haven't had a chance to get any of it up on here yet. That will be rectified shortly ( I found the box that my portfolio case was in, so I've been able to bring paper home on the bus without it getting mashed up or rained on), but in the meantime here are some drawings from two somewhat recent drawing sessions.

This first batch is actually newer than anything else on here at the moment.  These are from the last life drawing session I did at the end of the summer.

 30 seconds.  Nice mix movement and structure.

1 min.  Hopefully it looks like he's sneaking - and not chopping.

 1 min.  Like the twist in the first one and the pause in the second one.

 1 min.  Some silly little story sketches.

Trying the paper sideways.  I like the stare the guy on the right is giving (even though he has no eyes hehe).

Oh yeah, in case it wasn't already clear, the model used a sword prop a lot tonight, which was fun.  Like the twist and weight here.  The right leg seems a bit off - I think maybe that side of the but should be lower?  Left arm might be a touch long.  Despite all that, I don't mind this one...I think.

Luckily I made up for a long left arm by adding a short right arm here.  Perhaps the model was a super left handed?  The weird hand kind of makes the arm look shorter than it is.  Decent face, hips and lower body.  Feels like he's sitting and thinking, while still having some strain through the left arm.


Aaaand we're back...Here are drawings from my last life drawing session before the summer.  These were from a costumed life drawing session that was part of the Sheridan Art Fundamentals open house this past spring.  Myself and a few fellow students from the program were asked to draw and answer questions while potential students walked around and got a feel for what life drawing was like.

Costumed life drawing is about challenging as it is fun - which is quite a lot.  It's really fun to stylize the pose and costume into little scenes, but also tough to not lose focus of the pose and structure underneath.  Costumed life drawing was an exception rather than the norm, this was just an easier way to do the poses since so many people would be walking in and out of the room.  I think this was the third time I'd tried costumed life drawing.  Adding in a bunch of people watching over my shoulder and asking questions only upped the pressure.  Also, since we were paid a little bit (for a life drawing session - how awesome is that?) I felt like I should be doing great drawings, which didn't really help.  Once I relaxed a bit it was a really fun experience, even if I did end up messing up a few drawings by answering questions.

The first set of costumes were film noir detective style.  Shoes are hard to draw.

So are hats, although this one looks alright.

I like this one.  Good gesture, along with structure and hint of costume and story.  Two minutes for a single pose with two models has a lot more going on than two separate one minute single model poses.  Trying to get the models to match up size and perspective wise was a new challenge.

Not a lot of detail here, but it's pretty clear what's going on.

Some of these drawings now seem mildly terrible - which hopefully means I'm improving?  There's a good example of a bad hat, and also an arm and a leg that aren't quite resting on anything.

Weight seems a little off.  Like the top part of the pose though.

Profile faces are tough for me.  Think I'm starting to see what I'm doing wrong though.

Upside down faces are fun/annoying because you really have to look at them.  Way less common so there's no built in short hand, which is I guess both good and bad.

This is the second set of costumes: a couple of hippies.  Nice poses on these two drawings.

These costumes were fun because there was less detail to them, so they were easier to stylize


Seemed to get a decent sense of the pose and character on these two.

I don't usually really like a drawing...but I really like this one.

It really feels like they are holding onto each other.  I'm pretty sure those are my fingerprints on the top of the page; My teacher asked if she could snap a picture of us with our favorite drawing from the day and I chose this one.  Funny that I think this was the last pose of the day too.  I usually like to stay for the last pose of a session even if I'm not really feeling it, because sometimes I secretly am.

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  1. These are incredible! And I'm absolutely in love with the last one. Great job, keep it up!