Monday, 7 November 2011

025 - Life Drawing: Featuring Tarzan

One of our assignments was to draw a Disney character in a pose.  I drew Tarzan.  After doing the assignment I thought I'd try drawing Tarzan a few times at life drawing.

Here are the first few attempts.  I was reasonably happy with them, well...except for the face.  Like the spread of the foot and the position of the hand, especially since they are both sort of made up.

These are closer to what the model actually looked like.  The long hair was a nice inspiration for the dreads.

Too stiff, but fun posing him on the branch.

This one came out alright despite replacing a stool with a tree.

We haven't done many longer poses, but these were fun to do.  Nice to have enough time to play with some shading, even if I'm not quite sure what I'm doing.

This was the model for another session that I tried a few Tarzans - a little more of a stretch.

These two came out alright considering the model didn't really look much like Tarzan.  Fun practice.

These two were 1 minute gesture followed by 5 minutes of measuring (horizontals and verticals I think) to determine the contour.

Like the simplification here.  Not much structure, but nice force.

Tried some blue Nupastel (I think that's what they're called)

Contours on these are getting better.

Like this page of 1s.

Halfway through October drawings...almost at the Halloween ones!

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