Thursday, 3 November 2011

023 - Animation and Design: "Tom", Pink Panther, a gorilla, and a cardinal

Here are a few projects from the last week or so...

This one is practicing a walk with perspective.  The character is sort of based on Tom from Tom and Jerry.

Here is a walk cycle, also with "Tom".  The timing is pretty boring, but the cycle was fun to practice.

This was my second attempt at a cycle.  I used this for the weekly walk blog that our class has started.  Each week someone posts a topic for anyone interested to base a walk on.  This topic was "Bouncer".  I figured a bouncer could walk like a gorilla pretty easily.  It was interesting finding the equivalent human walk keys in a gorilla walk

This is the most recent animation assignment.  The Pink Panther walks across the screen, performs a turn without stopping, walks into the background, turns around, then runs back into the foreground.  I varied the timing more with this walk, his tail was fun to animate.  I tried to get some more overlap in there, things like his hands trailing or his head dragging a bit.

These next pics are from design class.

Here is the rough after several iterations...

...and here is the cleaned up version.  First attempt at really cleaning up a drawing.

The assignment was to come up with a character that would fit into the Winnie the Pooh universe.  We looked at existing characters and tried to design an original character that still had some of the traits of the existing characters.  It was fun.  I'm definitely going to do more studying of the model sheets I found..  I never really noticed that there are two types of animals in Winnie the Pooh: real and toy-like.  Owl and Rabbit are both "real", with fur and full eyes.  Pooh and Eeyore are examples of "toy" characters with stitching and rounded hands and feet.

I went with a "real" bird, a cardinal that likes to stir things up a bit.  He's a lot smaller than Owl, but thinks he's rather large.  I imagine he's often pretending to be a pirate or knight.  I like the character.  I'll probably try to get a few more poses or expressions for him at some point, or possibly colour him.  Cardinals are pretty awesome looking birds; they have that nice crest and a stylish beard/gotee.

This is a two-wheeled vehicle that has the ability to travel on land as well as fly.  It's meant for Pink Panther to ride.  I liked the idea of a mini-blimp attached to a stylish bike.

Thanks for having a look!

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