Tuesday, 22 November 2011

030 - Life Drawing: Happy Halloween!

The Friday before Halloween a bunch of us wore costumes to class.  Then we took turns posing.  Lots of fun, and also gained a new appreciation for how hard life drawing models have to work to stay still.

We started with a round of three 1 minutes.  1 minute poses with costumes are a busy 60 seconds of drawing.

Next some 3 minutes.

Then some 5 minutes.

That was a super fun night of life drawing, even if my Batman costume was crazy warm.  As you can see, there were some awesome costumes.  There were also a couple great costumes that didn't make it up here because my drawings of those costumes were not so great :)

This next batch was from life drawing the actual day of Halloween.  The model had tried a few different costumes throughout the night.

Hmm...decent page of 1s.

I like the top one here, and don't mind the bottom right.

These two came out pretty well.  The "witch" costume was fun to stylize.  I like that these feel like little stories or scenes.  There was just the one model, but I spaced the drawings out to feel like more.

Lots of fabric to figure out/make up.  Costume life drawing is awesome.  Happy that I got a few alright faces in there.  Still have to keep practicing those.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Life Drawing doesn't quite have the same ring as Halloween Life Drawing, but hopefully we can figure something out to do this again before next Halloween.

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