Thursday, 3 November 2011

024 - Life Drawing: The Last of the First Month

This batch finishes up Life Drawing from September.

A page of 30s gestures.  Still not sure if I like working one figure to a page or not.  I mean - I like doing it, but most of the animation and design that we do is on a smaller scale.  I try to do both, but sometimes I'll mess up proportions and then blame it on switching between scales.  Probably good practice.

Some alright contours on these three 3s.

Like the hands here.

This one is kind of funny.

The model actually had a dual light saber (minus the light part).  I had a lot of fun with this one.

Another attempt at adding a costume and story to a pose.

We were working on negative space in class.  Nothing crazy as far as the drawings themselves.  But helpful to think about when drawing in general.

Just drawing the line was tough, but shading from the outside in helped rough in the shape before defining it more clearly.  I found it did help with some things, especially foreshortening and foot shapes.  It helped show where the pose differed from the drawing, but also took the fun out of pushing or modifying a pose.

Next up: October!

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