Wednesday, 23 November 2011

031 - A flapper and other assorted scribbles

Some Design work.  This assignment was to do some research to make designs feel more authentic.  This 1920's flapper was the design I submitted.

Pretty happy with it.

The rest were rough sketches of some of the other possible options.  I sketched a few rough ideas without doing any research, thinking that I'd narrow it down to the one I liked the best, then just research one or two. 

Liked the shapes in this guy.

This one cracks me up, I'm not quite sure why.

This one wasn't even one of the time periods we could choose, I was just doodling.

This was a fun page.  In between all the drawing we were doing, we took a break yesterday to...draw?  I think Walrus Gladiator is my favorite, but Donkey Cowboy and Worm Banker are close.

This next batch are actual scribbles - you know, as in the scribble game?  One person scribbles on a page and then gives you the page to make into something..  Part of the same putting off drawing by doing more drawings session.  

Um...a unicorn?

Fat bird and a worm: take one.  I seem to draw a lot of scribble birds.

That's all the scribbles for now!

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