Thursday, 1 December 2011

032 - Life Drawing: The Rest of November

Here are some more November life drawings.  Trying to work on line quality and contours (both of which sometimes hurt my brain).

Playing around with angular style.

Contours without outline or gesture.

Like the exaggerated perspective and structure of the shapes.

I think my left hand secretly knows what line quality is...But it's not telling the right.

"No wishing for more wishes!"

Could use a little more detail here, but I like the feel of this one.

Playing around with some character design.

Not horrible contours on this one and the previous one.

Same pose, different lines.

Angular scribble style.

This one came out alright.

Had fun with this pose.


I think I'm finally caught up on life drawing pics.  It's tough finding a balance between contours and not overdrawing, but nice when it works.

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