Saturday, 3 December 2011

033 - Sheridan Art Fundamentals Stuff: Part II of II

Here is the second (and last) group of work I did last year at Sheridan in the Art Fundamentals Program.

You can check out the first group HERE if you want.  The first group had stuff about the 2D design, 3D design, and some info on the elective.

This group is from the remaining three classes: Drawing Systems, Painting, and Life Drawing.

Drawing Systems
This course was about drawing shapes technically, with perspective, and realistically textured.
It started out kind of dry, pretty much a drafting class, but it was definitely helpful.  It got better as I started thinking about it in terms of layout or prop design stuff.

Technical stuff.

Slightly less technical stuff.

This one also included some colour theory stuff, which was great to learn.  Started with some light and shadow studies, getting different textures, different styles of painting, and so on.  Painting is fun, but painting realistically (for me) is the most efficient way to ruin a decent drawing.  Once I had a little more practice I didn't worry about blending the paint to look quite realistic, and had fun with it, even if I painting hands or feet still drove me crazy.

First semester paintings.

Second semester paintings.

My favorite painting from the year.  Almost looks like actually has hands.

Life Drawing
Drawing on newsprint with conte or china markers.  Worked on gestures, measuring, line weight.  A lot of short poses, but also some longer poses in class.  Practicing during the open sessions helped a ton.

Some first semester drawings.

An even smaller percentage of second semester drawings.

Second semester different materials stuff..

We got into some longer poses here.  Some were 3, 6, or even 9 hours.  We also used some different materials (like transparent plastic, different papers, charcoal and pencil crayons).

This was my favorite drawing from life drawing.  It's pencil crayon on black paper.  I think it was called the Big Foot Project.  The colour pallet changed with distance, and the perspective was warped to exaggerate height.

Alright, that's a wrap!  I learned a lot and the program helped me put together a pretty good portfolio to get into the Animation Program I wanted.

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