Tuesday, 20 December 2011

035 - End of First Semester

Alright, here's a bit of everything to finish up first semester.  I've got a bit of life drawing, an animation, and even some design work.

We had to pick our "10 Best" life drawings from the semester.  Tough to pick out, but I'm pretty happy with what I went with.  Also felt nice that the majority of the drawings were fairly recent.  I tried to show a mix of 1-10 minute poses.  Most of these I've had up on here before.

The one on the left.  Like the volumes on the arms and shoulders.

Super simplified, but I like it.

Like the perspective and shapes.

Some alright contours.

Some weight to it.

Like the lean.

The left one.

Getting better at structure and contours.

This is a new one.  This one came out pretty well.  Kind of loose, but with structure.  Eep! Just realized she totally has two left feet though...Oops?

Felt like throwing a longer pose in.

Alright here is the last animation assignment of the year.

It's one character morphing into another, then jumping around for five seconds or so.  We picked the music clip from a list, but recorded our own morph sounds.

And here is a link to our group design project.  I worked with Kelli and Alex on this one.

We worked in groups of three to come up with a back story and model pack for three characters.  I focused mostly on Voland, the little animal dude.  He was fun, despite figuring out the mouth chart for the muzzle.

Now it's time to enjoy sleeping in for a few days before the new year.  First semester was great though!

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