Monday, 25 April 2011


Alright Blog...Let's Do this...

Hmm...That actually wasn't too bad...Once I decided upon a name for the blog, and then changed it, and then realized that I could change it later, and then changed it again anyway.

I'd been meaning to start one of these for a while, but kept putting it off until I had more time (it really was easy, if you've read this far you could be half way through your own by now).  I Finished up school (for the year) last week, but won't be moving out until the end of this week.  So it came down to starting a blog or thinking about packing.  Obviously packing lost, as it usually does until last minute panic sets in.

I'll get some more info up eventually, about myself and what I'll be posting, but most of it will probably be about art I've done and stuff I like (art wise and otherwise), mixed with a dash of commentary here and there.

I just finished the one year Art Fundamentals Program at Sheridan College in Ontario.
Last Summer I did the Animation Fundamentals Program at Capilano University in B.C.
In the fall I will be starting a full-time animation program.

So I've got a few months ahead of me that I can use to post things that  I did over the last year, plus hopefully the time to do and post some new things.

First post done!
See you in 6-8 months hehe...

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