Monday, 30 April 2012

Toblerone Mascot Assignment

This assignment was to design a character similar to how it might be done commercially.  Our teacher came up with a fictional "old" Toblerone mascot.

Fictional "Old" Mascot

Then we had to come up with 2 safe variations and 2 boundary pushing variations.  The safe versions were meant to be fairly close to the original versions, while the others could be pretty crazy.  We also had to colour 2 of the designs.

Safe version 1 - Pretty standard, gave him more expressive face and hands.

Safe version 2 - Rounded him out a bit, made him feel chocolaty and cuter.

Version 3 - A new take on the mascot, a fighter made of chocolate, edgier but not quite working.  He could battle different foods or chocolates.

Version 4 - I like this one, a little gnome lumberjack that cuts Toblerone bars.  Could totally see a couple of them sitting on a shelf next to a Toblerone, or in a commercial chopping down a big chocolate tree.  Plus he still has a bit of that European flair.  This one would be fun to play around with some more.

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