Thursday, 16 August 2012

One of my drawings will be in a board game!

There was a fan art contest for the board game Summoner Wars a couple weeks back.  The idea was to redraw an existing character however you wanted.  There was a list of character names and pics on the website, so the challenge was figuring out the style to go with.  I was  looking for a good excuse/ motivation to practice cleaning up some of my drawings so I took a shot at it...and one of them won!

This is the one that won.  His name is Abua Shi.
He will be a real card at some point!
I tried to go for a superhero cartoon style and colouring here.

Yes they are all pencil crayon haha.  But watch out, I'm going to figure out this digital painting business sometime this year!

This guy is Mugglug.  This was my first attempt.
Don't think the mix of sort of realistic and cartoony worked so well here.

This guy is Oldin.  I thought he was pretty awesome.
I took a stab at drawing this one in an (obviously?) Simpsons style.  It was fun trying to figure out what to simplify so that it would work.

I knew I had something other than life drawings to post around here!

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  1. Congrats on winning Pat!

    You should post a pic of the actual card when they release it. I really like the one that won, his expression is great with the little smirk he has. It's like he knows he's badass. And can't wait to see you try out digital painting!