Sunday, 23 September 2012

Animation: Pink Panther and Robin Hood

Here are a couple animation assignments.  I spent a decent amount of time on the panther assignment and was kind of "meh" on the results.  I think it was because I was moving him around without really thinking about why or how he would move around.  It was the first assignment of the semester so I'll cut myself some slack.

Pink Panther had to lift a heavy weight and then toss it onto a teeter totter.  He gets a little off model, but I did manage to clean up a few poses reasonably well which helps.

We are using paper more so far this semester which is cool.  It's nice to be using both digital and traditional techniques, but there is just something nice about the feel of paper.

Having said that, this next one was all digital haha.  I did thumbnail out some ideas on paper first, but then jumped right into the poses.  This was an in-class assignment of figuring our poses for Robin Hood.  It was great to be thinking about the acting as well as just the action.  The emphasis was more on NOT making it to busy.

Here are two different takes.  They are the same except for the final poses.

And the second

My first attempt had the first end pose and then the second end pose, but it was too busy.  So I simplified it down to one end pose but tried it out with each of the different poses.  I think the first take is probably the stronger in that he is sad, but not SAD.  

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