Saturday, 20 October 2012

Life Drawing: October 4 Edition

Life drawing from a couple weeks ago.  Working my way up to the newer stuff.  One of the side effects of looking at drawings after doing them is rarely being satisfied with them haha.  They get a little newer at the end of the post, so don't forget to scroll down.

Saw this guy in the caf on the way to life drawing.  Had to do a quick memory sketch once I had my stuff set up.  Yes, that is a metal strainer on his head.

This one was coming along alright, well except for that "hand".  Maybe she is Mrs. Captain Hook?

Still trying to figure out what works best for 1 min or less poses.

And the "odd face" returns.  Like the rest of it though.  Hmm..might be the direction of the eye lids?

"Odd face" part II

Barrels are a good substitute for stools.  Always make them feel a bit like naked pirates.

Decent drawing, too bad the pose was hand-less.

Some OK stuff going on here.  Right leg has nice rhythm.  I'll figure out knees eventually!

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