Sunday, 20 January 2013

Life Drawing: Almost the End of 3rd Semester

Alriiiight, back to some life drawing.  These are from the last couple weeks before the holiday break.
More 5-10 minute poses, but still a few 1s in here.

Sometimes my gestures end up smaller, but I try to do a few full pages ones to loosen up.

I almost always get some sort of face drawn, but I ended up working on the rest of the pose and when time ran out I left this one alone.  Partly I kind of liked it this way, partly I was pretty sure my made up face would destroy it :)

Trying to shade, without it looking like scribbles.

I like the attitude and expression here.  Still need to work on faces.

This one might have been up here before, I had a few random pages that I liked that were out when I was sorting through drawings trying to come up with my ten best for the semester.  Speaking of which, get ready for my 10 best drawings from 3rd semester...coming next post!

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