Thursday, 15 September 2011

009 - Something OTHER than life drawing

Here are some character designs.  The assignment was for a mascot that could help promote sustainability.  I went more the route of having the environmental slant come through more in the poses he could be in, rather than giving him a cape and stuff.  I came up with a bunch of sketches.  These are the ones I liked best.

Fox guy.  Somehow he's classier pantless.

Yeti Dude.  Outlined the second version to help show the pose a little better.

Wise 'Ol Tree aka Treestach.  I've been drawing mustaches on a lot of my characters but I think this would have to be the biggest in terms of mustache to body ratio.  Kind of reminds me of Kang and Kodos haha.  I picture the roots moving around like tentacles.  Would be a pretty tough character to make an actual mascot out of.  Kids would be knocking him over all day long without arms for balancing or punching.

Two versions of monster Guru: one is the original sketch, the second I edited out the useless Batman style gauntlets and struggled my way through some super fast Photoshop colouring.

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