Saturday, 17 September 2011

010 - First Animation Assignments

Here is some animation I did.

This was our first assignment where we were introduced to drawing, flipping, and shooting our animation.  It's called an Anijam (short for animation jam I think).  The first and last frame had to be of the box.  That way we could link everyone's animation together into a short montage.  The emphasis was on playing with motion and timing, which fit nicely with my super rough scribbly style :)

Yes I realize he kind of floats around a little bit.  Maybe next time I'll draw some ground for him to stand on.

This one is (obviously [hopefully]) a ball with one leg jumping.  The ball had to jump and land in specific places which meant I had to do some planning and keys.  Each jump also had to be bigger.  The character reminds me a lot of the little Pixar lamp, you know the one that jumps around and then blinds you at the beginning of the movie?

The hardest part of this assignment was keeping the character consistent.  It's hard to look at just a single frame and see if something is off.  I had to keep comparing sizes of the leg and foot.

They were both a lot of fun to do.  I liked that we could keep them somewhat rough and focus on getting the movement right.

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