Sunday, 22 January 2012

039 - Sketch Crawl: Gastown and Chinatown

Met up with a couple friends from class for some sketching.  I think there was a larger worldwide sketch crawl going on yesterday, but we kind of just did our own thing.  Lots of fun.

Heading downtown on the Seabus.

Just outside Waterfront station.  Apparently this angel actually has wings?

Some random things between Gastown and Chinatown.

This really cool steam whistle clock in Gastown.

Chinatown mall faces.

More Chinatown mall faces.

A badly drawn garden gazebo.

Food court faces near Waterfront.

Chinatown Garden (take 2) and Seabus faces on the way back to North Van.

I haven't put much sketchbook stuff up on here, so this was a nice excuse scan a few sketches.

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