Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life Drawing: longer poses

This was from near the end of the semester.  At the time we were doing more longer poses.  Focusing on anatomy, rendering, structure.  Still working on figuring out how to add detail without making a mess.

Some quick gestures to mix it up.

Interesting pose to draw, don't think I'd drawn a pose like this before.

So this one I did like one of those scribble drawings.  I scribbled that first line, then looked at the model and tried to blend the two.

Like the feel of this one, especially with the re-positioned arm.

Usually a tough angle, this one came out alright I think.

I think the torso is a bit short.  I think it's part perspective, but part me drawing it wrong.

This torso seems better.

Two spacemen, cause I felt like it.  In the first one I think the model had a gun, and in the second one a gun and helmet.  The helmet was cool, so I made up what I thought the armor looked like, because a naked storm trooper is kinda creepy.

Four 15 minute poses to wrap it up.  I think I like the 3rd of the 4 here the best.  Decent weight, rendering, face, hands and feet.  That's it for now!

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