Saturday, 13 August 2011

004 - Life Drawing

More life drawing.  They've started up the evening life drawing again at Cap which is great.  These are from the past two Thursdays.  Second one went better than the first.  Still a little rusty, and still not liking drawing sitting down.  Hopefully both issues will get sorted out shortly.

Tricky angle on the top face, came out alright though.  Some 30 seconds, 1s, and 2s.

Annoying not being able to easily rotate the page for horizontal poses, then I end up trying to fit more poses in per page since I have odd space remaining.  It actually kind of helped on the bottom pose though, as I ended up really pushing both legs to fit them into the space I had left.

The model brought a Nerf gun, which made for a couple cool poses.

This was the start of the second night.  The model was running a couple minutes late, so while I was talking with my friend James I started drawing him at his drawing stool (incidentally he's sitting on the "donkey" that I like to complain about as being uncomfortable and annoying to draw on).  James told me earlier in the day that someone had loved that he looked like a pirate today.  After that I kept seeing him kind of as a pirate throughout the day.  To be fair though - other than the parrot and sword, the rest of  the gear is pretty accurate.  I like this one.  I showed James at the end of the night and he had a good laugh over it.

Here are a few pages of 30 second poses.  The pose on the left of the last page is pretty weak, but the other three were a nice mix.

This page came out pretty well.  Some nice straights and curves, fairly efficient line.

Nice to get a couple full page poses in.  The feet are a bit off in the 3 minute one.  The left foot should be a little farther forward or angled differently.  Don't really like this one, but parts of it are kind of interesting.

Weight seems pretty good on this one.  I like the feet leading up to the hands, up to the shoulders, to where the head is looking.

These came out alright, but the faces bug me.  Sometimes I remember what line weight is though.

Just messing around.

I like this one too, well most of it.  Right foot is good, left foot...not so much.  Tough angle on the face too, usually I really botch these kind of faces.

Last one of the night.  Ankles and feet couldn't quite get along.  Overall a pretty good night of drawing though.   Definitely nice to get back into it.  More on the way soon!

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  1. Dude, you're becoming more and more amazing with each drawing I see here. You're gunna kick some animation ass this year, have fun!