Saturday, 27 August 2011

007 - Picking up a box animation

Here's another Maya animation.  This one is a fair bit longer than the first, though still really not that long.  It's exaggerated  but that's what I was going for.  Kind of like he's putting on a show.

This one was a little different than the first animation, in that I had to get two hands on there (with the basketball, only one hand actually controls the ball).  I was probably working on this for around a week, and I  got better as I went a long.  The initial bit with his hand scratching his head, then throwing his arms out feels a bit stiff.  I improved it a bit, but it's tough it was touch to fiddle with too much because everything after could be affected.

I like how his hands shift as he lifts the box.
I tried to get it to feel like his leg helps lift the box up.
I think the box looks decently heavy as he takes a couple steps and drops it on the table.

If I do another animation I'll probably try to plan it out a little better ahead of time.  Maybe shoot some reference and plan the camera angle out ahead of time.  On this one I animated everything like it could be seen from every angle, so both his hands do separate things.  If I had known what the final view would be, I could have probably saved some time by focusing more on what would be seen from that view.

It was fun though.  I'd also like to try messing around with the facial expression next time.  On this one I just focused on the motion and left the face alone.

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