Saturday, 27 August 2011

006 - More Life Drawing

Here are some drawings from a couple nights of life drawing.  I'm trying to do a bit of self-editing, but we'll see how that goes.  I like showing both drawings that I like, as well as the ones that I almost like.  The drawings are set to show up pretty small, but you can click on any of them to open them up full size in another window, if you want to see a little more detail.

30 second gestures to start the night.

OK I like this one.  I tried to mix up the straight vs curve bit by focusing on lots of curves.  Feels...graceful.

Tough view of the back from almost straight on.  Think it worked out alright.  The shoulder twist seems to help.

Not bad for a 1min.  I didn't quite get the front foot to feel the way I wanted.

Like the looseness of this 1 min, but it still has structure and weight.

Quite like the flow of this pose.  Seems to draw focus up as the lines get heavier.

Almost like this one.  Botched the hand and possibly forearm.

Here are some from another night.

The model was a little late, so some fellow drawers did a few quick poses while we waited.  I'd been looking at some great gesture drawings from some other blogs where each pose conveyed a story.  I was thinking of that while doing these.

1 minute poses seem quick with clothes.  Sketching more this summer has helped a bit with speed.  Need to buy more paper so that I don't have to cram so many drawings onto one page.

Tried to think of this as a bit of a character rotation, but with different poses.  Also tried to think of it as a scene with three separate but similarly scaled people.  Or maybe I was just worried about running out of paper still.  I think these were 2 minutes each

Two 5 minute poses where I had enough time to get some muscle anatomy and landmarks in there.

10 minute pose.  Remembered to stay light initially and add weight where I wanted it.  I like the press of his hands down on the front leg.  I tried to capture the tired feel that the model/pose were giving off.

That's all for now!

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