Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Kinzu the killer chef

Here's another part to a little character design thing I'm doing with my friend Christine.

Here's the first part that I did.
Here's the second part that Christine did.  She even did a sweet animatic.

She created Steve the dinosaur, so now I'm making up a character that could interact with Steve.

Steve works a pretty regular job for a dino in this economy.  He punches in as a tax accountant from 9 to 5 and plays recreational sports until he shreds his shoes (His claws are definitely not non-marking footwear).  

Tonight Steve is walking home when he runs into...

Kinzu...the killer chef.

Kinzu runs a famous but highly controversial restaurant that caters to those with deep pockets and questionable consciences.

Kinzu travels the earth searching for rare and endangered animals to serve as the showpiece in his Sunday buffet.  He has a knife for every occasion and knows how to use them all.  He tolerates the hairnet over his wiry goatee because although he is quite mad, he is fanatical about kitchen cleanliness.  Last week the main attraction was koala quiche.  This week Kinzu has already started printing posters claiming dino a l'orange will be on the menu.  Look out Steve!!!