Monday, 14 May 2012

Who Will Be The Next...Ultimate Fighter?

I was watching The Ultimate Fighter last night.  The Chiesa fight was awesome.  I was up cheering and spilling pasta when he got the win.  Anyway, after the fights they showed the profile pics of the 6 guys left in the competition, and those fighter pics were too tempting not to draw from.


  1. Had you not even titled this anything I'd know exactly who these guys were. Such awesome job with the carricatures! And hell yeah, the fights have been suprising. Totally thought Vic was gonna lose afer his first"lucky" fights and same for Chisea. Kinda happy he put Justin in his place. Hehehe..
    My vote's still on the udnerdog Saunders though. Partly cause he lived in Canada and has a french accent.

  2. Thanks! I didn't know you were into UFC that's awesome! There was a free card yesterday that was pretty crazy too. Ya it's easier to get into the fights when you want one guy to win and the other to lose haha. Hmm...If I had to guess who will win it all I'd have to go with...Iaquinta, but Chiesa and his beard are who I hope will win.