Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Real Caricature Gig!

So yesterday I was hired to do caricatures for a local event!  I had a great time, and even made a little money.  It was a bit slow at first but I took that time to practice up for when someone would actually know that I was drawing them.  These were all done of people coming and going, but are pretty close to the style of caricatures that I did of people later in the night.  Happily people took the actual caricatures home with them (or were nice enough to dispose of them out of sight haha).

I thought about using marker, but ended up sticking with pencil since that's how I usually sketch (other than pen, but pen wasn't going to work for these).  I'll practice with marker sometime because I think it gives a nice finished look, but I didn't want to test that out last night.  Cafe sketching has definitely helped, these were all probably around 5 minutes since I was trying not to keep people from the party for much longer than that.

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