Monday, 6 February 2012

043 - Animation Stuff

Here's the animation from this semester so far.

This one was a group animation to practice the animation pipeline.  We each did each part, but then passed it on to another person.  So I did the poses on one, the keys and timing on another, the clean-up on one, and then the in-betweening on another.  A good warm-up assignment after the break :)

We've been doing special effects the last couple weeks.  Here are a few examples.  This one is a flag.  It's a cycle if repeat works.


I thought the smoke and sparkle of a magic lamp would be cool to try.  It was fun doing the last two directly on the computer - well interesting and sometimes fun.  Some things are definitely easier on the computer, while other things will take a little practice.


  1. Aww man, the water looked really cool. I feel like you guys are so far ahead of us! We're still doing walk cycles! :(

  2. Thanks! Effects were actually kind of fun.

    We just switched back over to some walks this week too - only this time for quadrupeds. So hopefully I can remember how to sort of draw a dog :)