Wednesday, 22 February 2012

046 - Character Design: Cowboys and Sci-fi Soldiers

Here are two weeks of design class.  More of the original design in a certain style, and pose a character from the previous week format.

Here's my elderly cowboy in a Bruce Timm style.  I like a lot of the design, but might have actually made it too simple.  At least he would be reasonable to animate.   I tried playing around with the proportions, but might have ended up with tiny legs that should either be bigger or tinier.  Like the silhouette though.  Probably should have hiked those legs and pants up - he is pretty old after all.

Here is a pose of someone else's design.  Tried for a more subtle pose that still had some life to it.

Like this one a lot.  This was my take on a Sci-fi soldier in a Kenny Park style.  Getting that arm with the gun to feel right took a few tries.  Picking a direction for the gun and arm (instead of a profile view) was more work, but helps the pose.

And here is my pose of someone else's Bruce Timm style elderly cowboy.  Those boots...those boots...urg...Went a bit overboard on the background, but his boots needed to be resting on something, and his rear, and his back too.  Subtle poses can be just as tricky as big action poses.

Thanks for having a look!

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