Saturday, 11 February 2012

044 - Life Drawing

Here are some drawings from the first week or two after Christmas break.  Lot of drawings so I'll try to stay light on the talking.

X-Ray glasses, or trying to draw the skeleton based on the model's pose.  Definitely still learning about all those crazy bones.

I felt like I got a few of these poses pretty well.  Subtle stuff like a head tilt, hip twist, foot position that show what's going on, even if it's "just" bones.

And from longer X-ray spec drawings to some 30 second gestures.

This one and the next few were a pretty good run of 1 min gestures.

Like this one.  Drawing big.

Meh...These 7 mins are a a tad stiff.

Like this one though.  Thanks for having a look.


  1. Nice work, Pat! Thanks for connecting & best wishes :)

  2. Thanks Viv!
    All your stuff is awesome, but those Steampunk Drawing Club sketches are extra awesome!