Sunday, 19 February 2012

045 - Layouts: One and Two Point Perspective

Here are two layouts.  The first had to use one point perspective.  The second had to be an interior using two point perspective.

I did this one all digitally.  I sketched it from a thumbnail and then cleaned it up and added some grey (assignment had to be colourless).  It came out alright.  Kind of a Popeye era NY meets a western sort of background.  I'm happy that it still feels organic.  I used some grids for the perspective, but drew all the lines by hand.

Interior two point perspective.  Blue pencil sketch.  Digital is okay for some things, but I have better control with pencil and paper.

Added some value digitally.  This method of colouring worked better than the last one.
It's the interior of a pirate type room by the water.  I like the clutter of this one.  Feels lived in.

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